Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's Late, But Not Too Late

John Landau wrote this:

"It's four in the morning and raining. I'm 27 today feeling old, listening to my records, and remembering that things were different a decade ago. In 1964, I was a freshman at Brandeis University, playing guitar and banjo five hours a day, listening to records most of the time, jamming with friends during the late-night hours, working out the harmonies to Beach Boys' and Beatles' songs." 

Well it's only a little past 3:00AM here on the literal edge of the continental USA, and I am not Jon Landau, and I am 30 years older than he was when he wrote those great words I have quoted above. I wish I had words like those but I do not.
What I can say is what I have seen, that I can cannot show you. I went to the Grammy Museum today, rather, yesterday, and I saw the exhibit of Bruce Springsteen photographs. I explained on Twitter that I had gone in vague terms, and now I have left that because 140 characters simply cannot tell you what I saw yesterday. 

Grammy Museum, Los Angeles, CA, 5-27-2016

And it's not raining in California right now except from my eyes because today forced me to remember. I had to take a look. It was impossible not to look. The photos of Ed Gallucci, Frank Stefanko, Eric Meola, Danny Clinch, and Pamela Springsteen, just took me back to a time, well they took me back to many a time really.

Like the first time I heard "Born to Run," in early September 1975, and writing about it 5 weeks before Bruce was on Time and Newsweek simultaneously. Like Bruce said, "Thunder Road," is an invitation. To me, it was not only a way out, it let me know there was an "out." No one got out.

Except me. 

So that's why I stood there for hours today, yesterday, who cares? But I just wept because my late wife's favorite song was "Point Blank," and I never knew why. 23 years together before cancer took her and I never asked her why. I didn't need to know. It was not important.

Museum Cards, Bruce Springsteen

But she was alive today for just a moment in all those images, in all those faces, The Boss, Stevie, Nils, Professor, Patti, Max, Big Man, Danny, Garry, Soozie, and Vini; all of them, when they were children, and when they became men, women, and something a little more, to those who believe in faith that there really is magic in the night. I know this to be the absolute truth. Pamela's voice with video playing on a loop mesmerized me. I knew when I heard her voice, I just knew.

How do I know you ask?

Well I'm 57 years old this Saturday morning. It's one minute to 3AM. I feel alive, in a way I have not in some time. It's a strange feeling but here in California we ride some strange waves. Bruce rode them once as I recall. So I am riding this one right on through until the sun comes up in about three hours,and I will sleep Saturday night, after Stevie is done on the radio. 

Always been something in this California night for me, for sure.

Be true.

If I Should Fall Behind..........